You Don’t Have to Love Trucks to Love Ford

Since the Model T first came off the assembly line, Ford vehicles have been known for their size and stature. From the Bronco to the F-series, the Ford Motor Company has excelled at making sturdy vehicles that can take a beating.

But for all the truck lovers and their dutiful patronage, Ford has always offered a number of different vehicle options in its yearly lineups. For European dealers, for example, compact cars have reigned supreme. As an international powerhouse, Ford vehicles can appeal to everyone, whether designed for a rancher in Utah or a city-dweller in Amsterdam.

The Ford Fiesta, a compact car available with an EcoBoost engine, was the best-selling small car in Europe for every month of 2015. It’s easy to see why: the small compact vehicle can zip along narrow metropolitan streets with aplomb. The Ford Focus has enjoyed similar success, where its hybrid and EcoBoost variants contribute to its already-impressive gas mileage.

The quintessential Ford Mustang muscle car also benefitted from the EcoBoost engine in 2015, with increasing popularity among the more environmentally conscious consumers of the West Coast and in Utah. Dealers were having a hard time keeping the car on the lot.

The Ford Fusion four-door sedan makes for a great small personal or family car, with five seats, ample trunk space and competitive fuel efficiency. For families in Utah looking for a little bit more legroom, the Ford Taurus sedan makes for a good all-around choice—fit the kids in the back and fit into that tight parking space, all in the same car.

While big trucks hauling a large load are the very image of Ford in America, the company has quietly built up its repertoire to include vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From SUVs, crossovers and utility vehicles to compact cars and hybrids in a variety of different trims, Ford dealers worldwide have something to offer everyone.

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