Winter Safety Kit Must Haves

You are driving down the canyon, heading back to Salt Lake City in your Ford Fusion and snow is falling pretty hard. It may the best decision to pull over on the side of the road until the storm passes, especially when you can only see a few feet in front of your face. You don’t want to get in a car accident or slide off the road.

Once you have pulled your vehicle to the side of the road, it can feel dangerous—when is the storm going to pass? Be sure to leave a little extra room in your trunk for a safety kit. This way you can leave your house with a peace of mind in case you get stuck in a snow storm.


When it’s cold outside the most important thing you will want to store is a blanket in the back of your Ford Fusion. This should be your highest priority. In doing so, you can guarantee that if your battery dies while you’re in freezing temperatures, you’ll be warm while you wait for help and heat.

Portable Battery 

Keep a portable battery charger in your car. This is vital in the case that you’re stuck and need to call for help. If you are on the side of the road during a snow storm, you know have a tool to get in contact with your loved ones and share your location.

A Shovel

You don’t want to keep a giant shovel in the back of your Ford Fusion—it takes up a lot of space. But there are smaller shovels you may want to add to your winter safety kits in the case that you get caught in a bad situation.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is important to keep in your car. If you get in an accident, or sustain a small injury, you will be grateful to have it in your car. A first aid kit can provide quick fixes to minor injuries.

Don’t get caught in a snow storm in your car. Before the winter hits, pack your own winter safety kit in the back of your Ford F150. This way you can drive during the winter with a peace of mind, knowing that if you do get stuck, you will be safe until help arrives.



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