Winter Accessories for Your Ford F-150

Leaves are littering the streets, your yard and the bed of your Ford F150. The weather is nice, but you know deep down that it won’t last. In less than a few weeks, there will be snow on the ground. Now is the time to make sure your truck is ready for a cold winter in West Valley City, Utah. You know what they say, “happy truck, happy life.”

The Snow Plow

Nothing will make your Ford F150 happier than a giant snow plow. On those days with heavy snowfall, your neighbors will be grateful that you were able to dig them out while all the city plows were busy. You will be the hero of the town, not to mention nothing makes a pickup sexier than when it sports a beefy snow plow.

Grill Covers

There is some debate on whether or not your Ford F150 needs a grill cover during the winter. Modern compressors and thermostats are actually very good at regulating the heat of your engine, but that doesn’t mean a grill cover won’t help keep temperatures optimal. Even if the cover is more for aesthetics than anything, it’s worth the investment. Think of it this way, the scarf is to human as the grill cover is to truck, and what would winter be without scarfs?

Heated Windshield Wipers

Everybody has had those days when they wake up with a cold and their eyelids are glued shut. You can probably now imagine what your truck feels like when it wakes up and its wipers are frozen to the windshield. Heated wiper blades not only thaw your truck’s windshield faster, but they will make your drive safer as you will be better able to see out your windshield.

By itself, the Ford F150 is a powerful and beautiful vehicle. Adding these winter specific accessories makes your truck that much more versatile.


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