Will the Ford Fusion be well received in China?


2013-ford-mondeo-hybrid-2China is a leader in most things and Ford is looking to impress them with their most recent release of the Mondeo Sedan, the Chinese version of the Ford Fusion. Ford has high hopes for the new Fusion model based on how well received the Ford Focus has been in China and by how popular the Ford Fusion has been in the U.S.  Ford is coming off of one of the best sales summers since 2006 and therefore relying heavily on the success and reception of every new model.


Can Ford expect knock out success from the release of this model?


All experts are pointing to yes. Ford has taken great strides to improve their product and deserve to finally get some recognition for it. In the U.S., the success has shown by the total sales alone. This summer has been a great one for Ford, with car sales increasing by 15%, utilities by 16%, and trucks by 30%.


We all know Ford is the master when it comes to producing everyone’s favorite truck, but are also making cars that are more practical for every consumer. The Ford Fusion, which is their mid-size sedan, was created to help transport families across town, day to day. This is a perfect high gas mileage travel option for those big Utah families.

The Ford Focus, or the smaller sedan, is the perfect travel option for those young and newly married couples of Utah. We can’t forget the Fiesta, which is their least expensive, smallest sedan and gets amazing gas mileage. Perfect for driving throughout the Utah valley or taking a short weekend trip. Ford always steps up to the plate and thinks about each consumer. For this reason we’re sure they’ll be successful in China.

Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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