Why Would Anyone Drive a Ford? Glad You Asked



The terrain in Utah is diverse and unpredictable, so you’ll need a car that can handle whatever is thrown at it. What better car to drive than a Ford? “We go further at Ford to meet the needs of our customers, the challenges of our industry and the issues confronting our world,” Ford Motor Company reminds visitors to its website. It sounds like Ford is here to build the type of car that Utah is looking for.

Do you drive a lot in Utah and are constantly filling your car with gas? Ford has a better vehicle for you. Instead of filling your car with gas, why not charge it? With an electric car from Ford you’ll be able to save money on gas, and you also being contributing to better air quality and a reduction in the infamous Utah inversion effect.

An electric car is great for someone who drives quite often, but it’s not going to work if you are going to go through some rough terrain. With those beautiful rockies right in our backyard it is not possible to not go explore them. Ford has the perfect vehicle to get you out of the valley and into the mountains with whatever kind of load you feel like taking. Whether it be a camping trip or a boating trip to one of the many lakes Utah has to offer, a Ford vehicle like a truck or an SUV will get you where you want to be.

Maybe you are someone who wants the muscle of an SUV, but you also want to be courteous of the poor air quality here in Utah. Again, Ford has you in mind and has the perfect solution for you. Now, many Ford vehicles come with an EcoBoost engine. Full-race.com says “EcoBoost improves fuel economy by as much as 20 percent but costs far less than the several thousand dollar increase hybrids and diesels demand. Merging split personalities ‘Eco’-friendly and turbo-‘Boost,’ EcoBoost engines offer a unique combination of torque, horsepower, fuel economy, performance, utility, durability and reliability.” The EcoBoost engine gives you the power you want and the peace of mind that you aren’t contributing to the Utah pollution as much as everyone else with just an engine.

“Ford Motor Company continues building great products to better serve our customers, drive our success around the globe, and deliver profitable growth,” Ford Motor Company said. They want to build quality cars that you want to drive.


Taylor Hatch is a writer for Fusion 360 in Salt Lake City, where she writes for a variety of local businesses similar to Henry Day Ford.

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