Why the F150 is a Good Investment

2015_Ford_F-150_Detroit_Auto_ShowNo matter the investment, individuals always seek to protect the items they purchase. Fortunately, truck drivers can rest assured that the F150 is a good investment due to its durability, capability and driver centered design.

The Ford F150 is known for its durability because it was tested on over 10 million miles of on and off road conditions. During this testing, the F150 hauled large loads and heavy trailers at various extreme temperatures.

The truck’s aluminum alloy body has also added to the overall durability of the vehicle. The high-strength aluminum that composes the F150’s body is used in industries like aerospace, commercial transportation and energy. Moreover, the aluminum is resistant to dents and corrosion.

The Ford F150 is also a sound investment for Utah residents because it has a best in class maximum towing and payload rating. Furthermore, the F150 is more capable than ever because it offers several new technologies that make towing easier. For example, the truck’s dynamic hitch assist helps drivers direct their hitch ball directly to their trailer receiver.

Additionally, the vehicle has been designed to fit the specific needs of truck drivers. For example, Utah drivers who own a F150 experience 170-degree swing out doors that help them load, enter or exit their vehicle more efficiently. The truck also comes with a class exclusive flat floor that gives drivers more under seat storage than ever before.

The Ford F150 has several elements, such as durability, capability and diver centered design that make it a promising automotive investment. Moreover, individuals can experience the Ford difference by testing an F150 here at Henry Day Ford.

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