Why the 2015 Ford F150 Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List

The month of December brings with it snow, eggnog, holiday cheer and, of course, gifts. One need look no further for the ultimate stocking stuffer than the new Ford 2015 F150.

Ford’s highly anticipated pickup has everyone from Utah to the East Coast talking. The most discussed feature of the new truck is its aluminum body. Ford opted to switch out its traditional steel body for a military-grade aluminum one.

The new aluminum body is reportedly 700 pounds lighter than its steel predecessor, but just as strong. Those who test drove the lighter pickup commented on its increased maneuverability compared with the 2014 F150.

Along with better handling, the lighter body also provides increased gas mileage–a much needed feature with increasing gas prices. With a combined total of 22 mpg, the new F150 is ranked among the top fuel-efficient pickups of 2015.

But it isn’t just the aluminum body that’s got people talking. Ford includes several innovative optional features as well. One such option is the 8-inch digital display named “MyView.” The gauge cluster allows motorists to customize display information detailing specs on tire pressure, towing, off road and handful of other features.

Maneuvering a truck in tight quarters like a dense Utah forest can be a nerve racking experience. Fortunately, Ford made a practical choice to install a top-notch camera system. The built in birds-eye-view camera gives drivers a 360 degree view of their surroundings.

Whether gifting it to a spouse or simply treating oneself, the 2015 F150 is a top-tier present on anyone’s Christmas list.


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