Why Keep a Clean Car?

If you have no motivation to keep your car clean, you might just find one here.  A new study by Queen Mary University in London found that, on average, 700 bacteria live on each square inch of a steering wheel, while the same area of the average toilet seat is home to just 80 bacteria.  If the car’s steering wheel is nine times dirtier than a public toilet seat, perhaps we ought to clean it a bit more often.  At Henry Day Ford we believe there are countless reasons to keep your car clean.  Below we’ve listed some of the most important reasons to keep your car clean.

Consequences of a messy car

  • Illness caused by bacteria exposure
  • Distraction-causing accident
  • A messy car doesn’t last as long
  • A bacteria-laden, disgusting car is not worth as much

Tips recommended by Henry Day Ford Dealers in Utah on how to keep your vehicle clean

  • Keep trash from piling up by keeping garbage bag in your vehicle and emptying it often.
  • Vacuum out the interior regularly.
  • Keep anti-bacterial wipes in your car to frequently wipe down the steering wheel and other surface areas.
  • Wash the outside of the car and underneath the car often to prevent dirt from clogging the engine.
  • If possibly, refrain from eating in your automobile.

Visit a Henry Day Ford Dealership in Utah today to learn more about the importance of keeping your vehicle clean.  Visit our website or contact us by phone for more information.

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