Which Ford should you get for this snowy season?

Well, it’s that time of year again here in Utah.  Time to put away the sports cars and the convertibles and bust out the SUV’s, but what if I told you that you necessarily didn’t HAVE to have an SUV to be able to drive in the snow.  That’s right folks! Today I have to the perfect car for you that cruises just fine in any kind of weather; this is Utah after all, the weather is pretty unpredictable.

According to Justin Lloyd-Miller from wallstreetcheatsheet.com, the Ford Fusion is ranked number 8 for the 10 top cars and SUV’s for Taking on the Snow.  The Ford Fusion looks like a car, but is built like an SUV, “the Ford Fusion all-wheel drive (AWD) is easily one of the most adaptable sedans on the market” says Miller.

Don’t believe me when I say the Ford Fusion is the perfect car for the snow? Then you should come down to Utah’s Henry Day Ford and test one out yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised and realize that the view looks pretty good from behind the wheel of a Ford Fusion.

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