What If Santa Drove a Ford F150?

Christmas is around the corner and that means Santa Claus is going to be visiting your home, as long as you were good this year. You could have grown up in Salt Lake City or the home of oranges and you will still know who Santa Claus is. Whether your family believed in Santa is up to you, everyone is different, but Santa’s notoriety is known by all.

Santa has always driven his red sleigh and led his trusty reindeers to the destinations. Times are changing though, which means change is going to be coming to the North Pole as well. As a matter of fact, Santa changing his delivering practices and driving a Ford F150 would greatly benefit his business.


The biggest reasoning Santa Claus should switch to a Ford F150 is because its much higher speed compared to his reindeer. Reindeers reach speeds of 37 – 50 mph, while a Ford F150 can reach an average top speed of 140 mph. Knowing Santa, he probably has the best, but it doesn’t change the fact an F150 is almost three times faster than his reindeer.


Unfortunately, if Santa were to start driving a Ford F150, children would no longer be able to know he was here. The gentle hum of a magical car would replace the sounds of clopping hooves on the roof. Don’t worry about this heavy load affecting your roof, thankfully, Santa has magical abilities allowing him to lighten the load of the car.

No More Animals

Santa stopping the use of his reindeer would be great for their health and the cities he flies over. Firstly, reindeer need to go to the bathroom, which means they are going either on people’s roofs or while they’re flying.

Secondly, the reindeer are being worked beyond exhaustion. Christmas isn’t just one night for Santa and his helpers, it’s a full 24-hour day process throughout the globe. This requires them to fly all over the world and considering the Earth is 24,900 miles, they are amassing thousands of miles of flight.

A Ford F150 doesn’t need to take breaks, go to the bathroom or need encouragement, allowing Santa to deliver presents faster and with less of a presence shown.

We all know and love the idea of Santa Claus driving his red sleigh with his famous reindeer. However, change comes to everyone and change leads to fantastic inventions, like cars. Preventing Santa from evolving his practices can hurt him and ruin our relationship with the big guy.





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