What Car to Get Your Teen Driver

Coping with the idea that your teenager is now driving is hard enough. But now you have to send them out into the world on their own, hoping they make smart driving decisions and don’t get in a wreck. You can teach your kids safety rules and how to drive properly, but you can’t find out how the other drivers they’ll come across will drive. Send your kids off into the real world feeling a little more at ease with a Ford F150 or Ford Fusion. 

There are certain things to look for when buying a car for your teen. We break it down for you with the most important ones. Lucky for you, at Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah, we have all the safe options for you. 


Let’s be honest, as a parent or guardian, safety is your number one concern for your child. That’s why we are here to pick out the safest cars for you. The Ford Fusion is the safest midsize Ford on the road. If you are looking for something that is less expensive, the Ford Escort is also rated a great safe car. 


Before you buy a car, you have to be aware of the quality of the car. If it is in good condition, the upkeep of it will be minimal. If you’re having to repair it often, it may not be worth to buy it to begin with. 


When buying the first car for your teen, the most expensive doesn’t mean the best or safest quality. It is important to balance affordability with safety, because often times, the two of them are at odds with one another.

With these three important factors and your ability to balance the three, will determine the quality of the car you end up for your teen. 

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