Volunteers From Ford Motor Co. Build Sensory Garden for Disabled Children

The Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families in Dearborn, Michigan, received a grant from Ford Motor Company for a new sensory garden. The sensory garden will be used to help in the development of disabled children by immersing them in the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.

Ford Motor Company is obviously a car company, but selling quality vehicles like the F150 in West Valley City, Utah isn’t the only thing on the agenda: Helping to build better communities is the bigger goal. Not only did Ford Motor Company fund the sensory garden, but it also sent volunteers to help build it.

A Relaxing Environment for Patients

The sensory garden adds a relaxing environment to the facilities at Beaumont’s Center for Exceptional Families, and physicians and therapists are thrilled to have this much needed resource for the treatment of certain patients. Whether these patients come from Utah or anywhere in the country, studies show that sensory gardens facilitate in the treatment and development of patients with limited attention spans.

Building the Sensory Garden

Volunteers from Ford Motor Company showed up with their work gloves, hard hats and an F150 or two to build the sensory garden. The garden will feature a five-tier garden bed with fragrant plants with bright colors and unique textures. Those visiting the garden will be able to touch and pick fruits and vegetables. Researchers say this kind of experience can help disabled children become more aware of the world surrounding them.

Ford Gives Back to the Community

The funding and building of this sensory garden in Michigan is only one way Ford Motor Company is giving back to the community. From Utah to the East Coast, Ford is demonstrating its love for the community with similar projects. So the next time you buy an F150 remember that you aren’t just paying for a truck, you are helping to build better communities across the country.

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