US Auto Consumer Satisfaction at Its Lowest Point In 11 Years

Man Driving Calmly at Night

Be it here in Utah or elsewhere, whenever hard-earned money is exchanged for a good, it’s hoped that any and all expectations be met, if not exceeded. From electronics and college tuition to high-speed performance boats and houses, the ways in which consumers can spend their cash are innumerable.

Furthermore, as far as our line of expertise is concerned, automobiles, similarly considered a serious investment, should always deliver on the promises that manufacturers make. It’s for that very reason that a recent report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) leaves us a bit disappointed with our industry of choice.

Simply put, American consumers are just about as unhappy with the auto manufacturing industry as they’ve ever been. In fact, says of the trend, “U.S. Customer satisfaction with automobiles dropped to an 11-year low amid a record number of recalls and higher purchase prices as the industry curtails heavy incentives, according to an annual survey.”

Even more disheartening, according to the ACSI, this is the third straight year that auto buyer satisfaction has dropped. Fortunately, though things have taken a turn for the worse, Ford dealers from here in Utah to the farthest reaches of the East Coast have recorded both stellar sales numbers and customer contentment. Rest assured, when sorting through a host of auto dealers, we at Henry Day Ford are as dependable as they come.

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