Tutorial: How to Sync Your iPhone with MyFord Touch

The era of wireless connectivity is here. And if you haven’t yet started using your car’s built-in wireless connectivity, it’s time to start. Like now. So we’re kicking off our series of tutorials with this one about syncing your iPhone with MyFord Touch.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Select the “Add  a Device” option from MyFord Touch. If you haven’t added any phones previously, this option will be found on the home screen. If you already have another device connected, you can find the option in the phone menu under Settings.
  2. In your iPhone’s settings, select Bluetooth, flip the slider to On, and select SYNC under the Devices menu. At this point you will be asked to verify a code on both devices.
  3. Select OK on both devices
  4. The car will ask you if you’d like to import contacts, then if you want to use this number as your voice mail. Go ahead and do both, unless you have an unusual circumstance.

You’re all set to go! No enjoy your hands-free system and drive safe in your new Ford.

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