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You just bough a Ford C-Max Energi in Utah, a plug-in hybrid that uses the latest hybrid technology to take the gallon of gasoline as far as it can possibly go.  Yet, gas prices continue to rise, and you are afraid that it will prevent you from being able to keep within your budget, so what can you do?  There are many little things you can do to preserve every drop of fuel in your tank. Many drivers are unaware of how their negligible habits lead to a significant waste of gasoline over time.  Here are some things you can to to keep the maximum amount of gas possible in your new Ford C-Max:


Believe it or not, saving gas has a lot to do with how well you keep up with your oil.  Changing your oil often enough will keep the engine running smoothly, requiring less gasoline to power your C-Max up and down Utah’s hills.  Neglecting the oil results in the engine working against itself to keep up, burning up more fuel in the process.  Outfitting your Ford C-Max with the proper tires will also make a difference, for there are several types of fuel-efficient tires on the market that have lower rolling resistance.  Also, don’t forget to turn the gas cap completely in after refueling.  Gasoline evaporates easily out of a tank that is not fully secure.


People have strange driving habits in Utah, so it is important to keep the most fuel-efficient methods in mind when driving your Ford C-Max.  Slamming on the gas requires more power and burns up more fuel, a waste if you’re not in a hurry.  Slowing down gently also helps, for it allows the engine to use less energy to change the momentum of the Ford C-Max.  Cruise control is also a surprisingly helpful feature when looking to save on gas.


Try to fill up more often than you think.  Filling up early allows you to find a gas station in Utah that has a better price than others.  If you wait for the tank of your Ford C-Max to run on fumes, chances are you’ll turn into the first gas station you see, one that probably is a bit more expensive than the competition.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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