The Zombie Apocalypse Getaway

The time has come to start searching for the ideal vehicle to save your skin in the case of a sudden zombie apocalypse. You never know when the zombies will hit Utah, but we have got you covered. Henry Day Ford might not seem like the first place to start preparing for what is to come, but think about it; when a zombie is on your tail, what do you want to do? Stay and fight? No. You want to get away, and get away fast. Luckily we have compiled a few tips for staying alive as well as a list of some of the best Zombie getaway vehicles.


Doomsday Prep


  • 1 gallon of water per person, per day
  • Stock up on non perishable food items
  • Remember necessary medications
  • Tools and supplies (utility knife, battery powered radio, etc)
  • Clothing and bedding
  • First Aid Kit for basic wounds. You won’t survive a zombie bite!


Your Getaway Ride


One of the best zombie getaway cars is kind of a Ford splice of different cars. It was built to roam the Southwest deserts of Utah, which is exactly how the entire world will probably look when zombies attack. It has a Ford truck rear, an F150 steering, and the engine from a Ford Mustang. Is this the work of a mad Ford auto scientist? Maybe. But by the time you can afford a heavy duty, armored, fast, fuel-guzzling car, you will probably already be infected. We have a great inventory of cars to get you out of town as quick as possible, but are still within your budget. Here are just a handful of cars that are sure to get you away from the madness.


  • Ford Fusion.  If you’re going to go, you might as well go out in style. The Fusion has a sleek style, but also great fuel efficiency to get you out of Utah and to the ocean. Zombies can’t swim, right? The Fusion is also a hybrid, so as long as there still electric power, you can charge up. 
  • Ford Escape. The model of the car has it: escape. This SUV will fit your whole family so nobody is left behind as an appetizer. This rugged car will get you through any Utah terrain.


Whether it is a custom zombie escape car or a budget-friendly Fusion, we have the right ride for you. Come check out our inventory at Henry Day Ford or visit our website.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.


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