The Safest Cars for Teenagers

The scariest part about having a teenager is the day they get their license and get behind the wheel of your car. Handing over the keys to a teenage driver can be rather nerve-racking.  Statistics show that six teens die every day from motor vehicle accidents. Help your kids stay safe in the streets and have your own piece of mind knowing your kids are safe by investing in a reliable car for your teenager. Check out our recommendations.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is an all-around good car for your teenager. It comes in both a gas and electric option. The new Ford Focus electric range has increased to 115 miles. The Focus was ranked in the top ten of 2017 compact cars.  It come with a rearview camera, standard antilock brakes, stability control and side airbags and a driver knee airbag. The Ford focus received an overall five out of five stars in government crash testing.

Ford Fusion

 A Ford Fusion may be a good car for your teenager. With all the snow that hits Salt Lake City, you will be glad when your child is driving an all-wheel drive car. The Fusion is available in all-wheel drive. In the past four years, the Fusion has only received “Average” ratings on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In the 2017 model, Ford changed many aspects to receive all “Good” marks by the IIHS.

Ford F-150

The Ford F150 continuously ranks in the top 10 full-size pick-up trucks. While a pick-up truck may not be the first choice of vehicle for your teenager, it is a safe vehicle. It comes with active park assist and the blind spot information system. The blind spot information will warn the driver if a vehicle is in the lane next to you.

The active park assist will automatically guide the truck into a parallel parking spot. These two features can help your teenager avoid dumb little accidents that may occur from not checking the blind spot.


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