The Past, Present and Future of Ford

In order to move forward, you sometimes have to take inspiration from your past.

Ford became the heart of American engineering 113 years ago when Henry Ford founded the business. The company redefined the automotive industry when they built the Model T, which is considered the world’s first mass produced car. The Model T was the start of Ford’s success, and dealers are still selling Fords in record numbers.

Ford’s Model T is no longer in production, but some of the company’s best and most popular cars to date have a long history at Ford dealers.

Ford Mustang: 52 years

Speed and grit have been the signature of the Mustang since its release in 1964. The car has been wildly popular ever since then. Ford continues to innovate with the Mustang by developing models that include the EcoBoost engine — which is ideal for motorheads who want to save gas.

Power is still important to the Mustang. With models featuring a V8 engine and 435 horsepower, your need for speed can be fulfilled. In layman’s terms, your car can speed off like lightning on tracks like Rocky Mountain Raceway.

Ford Fiesta: 40 years

This might come as a surprise for American drivers, but the Fiesta’s actually been in production since 1976. The car has been Ford’s staple in Europe as a small, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive vehicle. The Fiesta was such a huge success that Ford brought it to the states in 2010. It remains a leading example of innovation in gas efficiency.

Ford F150: 68 years

The F150 has been Ford’s dominating truck in regards to sales and performance since 1948, and for good reason. The F150 has been a consistently durable truck with a high performing engine. Dealers from West Valley, Utah to the East Coast have made the F150 the best selling vehicle in the United States since 1981.

The 2017 F150 continues to innovate by being the first truck in its class with a twin-turbo gasoline engine. This makes the car perform exceptionally in any season, even in harsh Utah winters.

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