The New Ford Focus

In the arena of small cars, it seems that Japanese hatchbacks or small sedans often dominate in the fight.  Yet, Ford produced something at the turn of the century that boosted sales and gained a competitive edge against the foreign entities: the Ford Focus.  It became widely popular when it was first made, boasting affordability, simplicity, and practicality, along with the cherished Ford brand on the hood.  The 2.0 model served as a disappointment to American consumers, but Ford didn’t quit there: they decided to focus (no pun intended) on what the modern consumer really wants, and produced something that is becoming more dominant in Utah and in America.


Like all the cars in this year’s Super Segment, the Ford Focus has a new look compared to its predecessors.  The designers at Ford decided to take styling to a whole new level, creating something that both looks and acts the part.  It is also affordable, with minimum price of only $16,000 on the basic model.


Trim levels will bring up the price another $1,000 or so, but this is a marginal difference compared to the Ford Focus Electric, Ford’s first completely electric car.  The electric model looks different than the standard model, showing drivers around Utah that it is an electric car.  Sure, monthly commuting will only amount to about $15 in energy, but buying the electric variant will cost $40,000 up front.  Still, Many Utah residents spring for electric cars for their reliability and cheap commute.


Those looking for a cheaper engine that can still stretch the gasoline can get the Energi, which is the latest hybrid technology emerging on the market.  It plugs in like a regular electric car, but also runs on gasoline, which allows the gasoline to be stretched to about 100 miles per gallon.


There are many hatchbacks to compete against in Utah.  The new Ford Focus is affordable, sleek, and gets excellent fuel economy.  Any Utah resident looking for a good deal should consider the new Ford Focus.


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.

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