The Most Iconic Ford F-150 of All-Time


From Utah to New York, America really does do some things better than other countries. Naturally, there’s a bit of a bias here, but when it comes to pickup truck manufacturing, few are those who rival the automotive ingenuity of the Ford Motor Company.

For that very reason, Americans are extremely passionate about their trucks. To this day, at least for Ford fanatics, the debate continues at to which of all of Ford’s F150 models is the most iconic. While we can’t speak for everyone, we can at least properly present one of Ford’s frontrunners: the 1975 F150.

Yup, she’s the first F150 that the F-Series ever produced and she’s a classic. The beefed-up, half-ton beast came in at 6,050 pounds and was so primitive that the federal government’s emission laws required neither a catalytic converter nor unleaded fuel.

The 1975 Ford F150 even came with an impressive engine. Reports of the EcoBoost predecessor, “The standard engine was a V-8 with two-barrel carburetion, a 4.05-inch bore and 143hp, which was also the base engine for the F-150 SuperCab. Optional engines swelled all the way to 460 cubic inches.”

In the end, each and every F150 model has brought with it a new series of impressive innovations. Depending on the Ford enthusiast with whom you speak, whether you’re from Utah or elsewhere, you’re bound to hear a different response. Alas, the question remains: which Ford F150 would you personally brand as the company’s most iconic of all-time?

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