The Most Common Driving Distractions

Driving is a huge responsibility and adding distractions is a huge risk to take when behind the wheel. Yet, every single day people take these risks and distracted driving leads to over 65,000 deaths per year.

Knowing the most common driving distractions could help you avoid giving your attention to something other than the road, vehicles and pedestrians around you. After all, you would not want to crash your brand new Ford mustang while reaching for your phone. There are 3 types of distracted driving


You are driving home after picking up lunch at your favorite cafe, but you can hardly wait to chow down on the sandwich you picked up. So, you decide to open your sandwich and start eating while driving. Manual driving distractions are distractions that cause you to take one or both hands off the wheel.

Although your appetite tells you that you need just a few bites before you make it home, fatality rates from distracted driving should be the deciding factor to set the sandwich aside to ensure that you do get home.


Visual driving distractions are distractions that cause you to take your eyes off of the road. So as your driving out of the Ford dealer through the streets of West Valley city, Utah be sure to put the paperwork away. You can review over your lease when you get to your destination, but for now keep your eyes on the road. Also, be sure to put away your cell phone and adjust controls such as the radio before you start driving.


One of the most exciting aspects of getting a new car is being able to show it off to your friends and family. As you are driving down the road with your best friend in your new Ford Focus you are pointing out all of the cool features of the vehicle, but the conversation may be pulling your attention from the road. Cognitive distractions are distractions that detour your mind from driving.


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