The Most Collectible Ford Mustangs

The Ford Mustang has been the iconic image of Ford since its debut in 1964. This car can be seen on the streets all around the country, making it the most popular vehicle around the nation. While we have newer models of the Ford Mustang available today, there are previous makes that have stuck around throughout the years. The Ford Mustang is one of the most collected vehicles to date.

Here are some of the most collected Mustang models in the world. Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics — especially when it comes to vintage cars.

The 1995 SVT Cobra R 

This vehicle may be street legal, however a racing license was required to buy one back in the day. The ’95 mustang boasted a 5.8-liter Windsor V8 engine, capable of exerting 300 horsepower. What makes this race car special is that only 250 were ever manufactured — all of them white with saddle cloth interior.

The 20-year-old car has seen a 12 percent increase in market value, raising the price from its original $35,000 base price.

The Bullitt Mustang

This model of the Mustang arose in 2001, a little more than 30 years after Steve McQueen’s movie “Bullitt” was released. This beefy version of the car used in the film has aluminum pedals and an aluminum shifter.

While the price for these cars hasn’t risen a whole lot, it is now priced at $25,000, close to the base price of $26,000 when it was first released.

The 2000 Cobra R

This racing machine had a powerful engine that had a 385-rated horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. What makes this vehicle a collectible is the fact that it only lasted one year, with 300 units built, no more, no less — every unit also came in red.

Over the past four years, the value of these cars has increased by nine percent, however they still have not reached the original $55,000 price tag.

While some of these older models may be harder to find now, head to your local Ford dealers in West Valley City, Utah and take a look at the newer Mustang models. Who knows? You may become the proud owner of a vintage car in the future.


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