The Importance of Buying the Right Kind of Gas for Your Car

Soon after driving off the Henry Day Ford lot in West Valley City, Utah with your new Ford, it will be time to fill up the gas tank for the first time. One of the biggest debates regarding vehicles is what octane gas is best for keeping the new car or truck you recently purchased from your favorite Ford dealers running smoothly.

Different Gas Stations

With its patented Techron fuel additive, Chevron has been very successful making consumers believe that its gas stations have the best gas for your vehicle. The real question is: Does Techron actually make a difference? Along with other top tier gas companies, Chevron sells high-quality gas with an abundance of extra features. Costco, Exxon, Shell, Texaco and Sinclair are some of the other top-tier gas companies, many of which neighbor each other on the streets of Utah. Ask your local Ford dealers which of these gas stations are in your neighborhood.

Premium or Regular?

Some car and truck manuals say that they require premium gasoline, but do they actually need it? Technically, no a car that says it needs premium gas won’t fail to run on regular. However, it will not run as smoothly and some of the horsepower will be lost. There is a certain level of octane gas required for every different vehicle that Ford dealers sell. If the octane level in the gasoline is not high enough, the engine will ping. While this will not have an immediate impact over time, the engine will start run more poorly than it used to.

Gas is the most important thing every Utah driver needs in order to be able to drive his or her vehicle, so why put gas that is low quality or the incorrect octane in your car? Buying gas from top-tier gasoline companies and using the proper octane gas for your Ford vehicle are great ways to make sure that it stays running great for years to come.

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