The Ford Falcon: a Cult Classic

The film “Mad Max: Fury Road” has officially hit theaters and comes packed with a handful of normal cars turned into post-apocalyptic killing machines. One of the most iconic cars from that movie, and arguably a fan favorite, is the vehicle driven by Mad Max himself: the Ford Falcon.

The Ford Falcon has been sold at dealers since the year 1960, but you won’t be finding this kind of Ford Falcon at local dealers in Utah or anywhere else. The Ford Falcon that Mad Max uses is the Ford Falcon XB, which is part of the third generation of the Ford Falcon model and was in production from the years 1972-1979. Obviously, the producers behind the film have modified the car in many ways to make it much easer for Max to dispose of the bad guys.

In “Mad Max: Fury Road”, the car is referred to as the Pursuit Special or the V8 Interceptor and has become one of the biggest automotive icons in movie history. It features prominently in the first two Mad Max movies, but didn’t show in the third installment. However, much to Mad Max fans’ delight, it reappears in the latest film. Even though Mad Max’s Ford Falcon would most likely fail a safety and emissions test in Utah, it is still a blast to watch.

Photo Credit: EveryStockPhoto

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