The Ford F-150 is One of America’s Most Environmentally Conscious Trucks

From Utah to the east coast, each and every Ford F-150 carries with it the promise of having been “built Ford tough,” yet consumers are now discovering that America’s favorite truck is also built Ford green. Contrary to what’s often portrayed in modern media about the environmental consciousness of pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 has an impressive list of sustainable materials comprising it.

“The 2014 F-Series exemplifies our continued efforts to use recycled content in our vehicles,” said John Viera, Ford’s Global Director of Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters. “We can have greater impact in this case because of the size and sales volume of this product.”

Already featuring recycled cotton, carpet tires and post-industrial plastics, the Ford F-150 is no stranger to looking to nature for materials that enhance the truck’s impressive résumé. Unbeknownst to most, the truck also employs products such as soybeans for seat cushions and recycled plastic soda pop bottles for wheel liner and shield production. Recently, rice hulls were added to the construction process to reinforce the 2014 F-150’s electrical harness.

Living among the natural beauty of Utah, we at Henry Day Ford understand the importance of being environmentally responsible and take great pride in being Utah’s leading dealer of the Ford F-150.

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