The Ford F-150: an Automotive Representation of ‘The American Dream’


From Utah to the farthest reaches of the East Coast, many claim that “The American Dream” no longer exists. The Ford Motor Company would strongly disagree with that claim. Not only was the company started by Henry Ford—the son of an Irish immigrant—in 1903, but many of the brand’s automotive creations continue to be manufactured here in the United States. Though many Americans struggle to make ends meet in an uncertain economy, Ford has always been dedicated to her American roots.

In fact, Ford’s most impressive vehicular invention, the Ford F150, is almost entirely manufactured within the borders of the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, upwards of 75 percent of F150 parts are made in the United States. It’s for that very reason that Ford was labeled the top American-made pickup by in 2014. Even more impressive, Ford’s 2014 placement atop the prestigious list was the second year in a row that the F150 made the accomplishment.

Directly behind the Ford F150 were the Toyota Camry and Honda Odyssey. While most automotive manufacturers rely wholly on foreign labor methods to produce their line of vehicles, the Ford Motor Company—in large part—believes in something different: keeping everything American. Here in Utah, we simply couldn’t be happier.

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