The Ford Explorer: America’s Most Popular Police Car

Question: What was the most popular law enforcement vehicle in America last year? Answer: Ford’s Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility. The Ford Explorer vehicle has been steadily increasing in popularity for the past couple of years; in 2013, 14,086 Interceptor Utilities were sold — a 140 percent increase from 2012. In the same year 10,897 Interceptor Sedans were sold, posing a 31 percent increase from the previous year. And although local Utah Ford dealers probably won’t be selling this vehicle to the public, it’s still pretty fun to dream about how cool this new vehicle is.

Ford Utility’s Key Components

The success of the Ford Explorer-based police car came after the Crown Victoria-based cruiser was retired, which had served as the resident law enforcement vehicle for a long period of time, prior to the Ford Explorer. Although Ford had to persuasively convince police departments that the Ford Explorer-based model would be a good decision, it was ultimately the Utility’s key components that sold the vehicle. The Utility’s all-wheel drive, performance and space were all key components in the decision to use Ford’s model. This isn’t surprising, considering that similar models of the Ford Explorer have been a popular sellout staple at Utah Ford dealers and elsewhere.

Ford Explorer Model Boasts Extra Space

Part of what has made the Ford Explorer-based model the most popular choice for law enforcement vehicles, is the truck’s extra storage space. First responders and officers welcome the extra space — and are also particularly fond of the added all-wheel drive traction. Again, these characteristics are what have made the Ford Explorer a staple at local Utah Ford dealers.

Law enforcement are excited about switching to a more updated vehicle, and many law enforcement officials have already switched from their older, aging Crown Victoria models and jumped aboard the Ford Explorer boat. We’re excited to see what Ford has in store for the future of law enforcement vehicles!

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