The Essentials to Winterizing One’s Truck

Though fall has just started, winter isn’t too far around the corner. And with winter comes harsh weather. We here at Henry Day Ford want to impart necessary wisdom on winterizing the pickup truck for Utah’s coldest impending months of the year. recommends on its website to manage the F150 pickup’s antifreeze levels. Generally, you want to keep your antifreeze mixed at a 50:50 ratio. But if you live in a climate that dips below zero like Utah, you should drain a small amount and replace it with straight antifreeze (approximately 40:60 ratio). But remember to re-adjust the levels once warmer weather arrives. Otherwise it can cause cooling issues that problematize the driving experience.

Another precaution one should take is regularly checking the air pressure in tires. reports that colder temperatures lower tire pressure. Checking tires every time you gas up is a smart metric to follow.

In snowy states like Utah, outfitting the Ford F150 with snow tires in a good idea. If one lives in more urban areas where snowplows run their routes, it is possible to get by (though not recommended). However, if one lives in more rural areas, snow tires are a must for the snowy winter season

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