The Day They Let Me Drive a Mustang

I’ve seen it coming for awhile now, knew it was coming. I’ve been working my way through Henry Day’s lineup, and the weather’s getting nicer daily; it was just a matter of time until fate brought me to this moment, the day they gave me a Mustang.

And while the Mustang was to some degree expected, the experience was almost completely and entirely unexpected.

They gave me a beast, a 5.0L V8 Mustang GT in gloss black with black alloys, the kind of car you pin up on the wall as a kid. The interior was wrapped up in deep red leather and crowned with brushed aluminum trim and some variety of delicious carbon fiber on the dash. The steering wheel, wrapped in red leather, oozed attitude with its Mustang badge front and center, as if I could forget what kind of car I was driving.

I was in love before I even turned the key, and then I turned the key and learned what love really means. The sound — good heck, the sound: as if the Lion’s roar and the Tiger’s purr got together and made sweet, audible babies that were caged and housed underneath the Mustang’s bulging, ventilated hood. The rumble produced by the GT is simply mind-exploding in its beauty, much like thunder is both terrifying and captivating at the same time.

But if you aren’t one of us weirdos who could spend an entire afternoon inventing ridiculous metaphors for engine noise, the Mustang’s custom Shaker audio system will easily envelop you in the audible delicacy of your choosing, including available Sirius radio, HD Radio, and my personal favorite, bluetooth stereo connectivity. It’s loud, and it sounds amazing.

Yes, the Mustang moved me before I even put it in gear. It’s that perfect, and so is what followed. But more on that later.

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