The Biggest of the 1960s’ Mustang Milestones

Recently, as the greatest country on earth, we celebrated our Independence. When thinking of symbols of the common American experience, people often think of apple pie, college football, the Stars and Stripes and the Statue of Liberty. While all excellent responses, few are the items which rival the iconic status of the Ford Mustang.

Sure, the Ford F150 has managed to hold its own in recent decades, but the Mustang stands in a class of its own as America’s finest muscle car. Though many Mustang models have been produced and purchased, any Pony from the 1960s is, without a doubt, a true American classic. Truthfully, it was the glory days for the groundbreaking vehicle. Years later, here in Utah at Henry Day Ford, we take a step back and examine the biggest of Mustang milestones during the 1960s:

Fusion 360 - The Biggest of the 1960s' Mustang Milestones (Henry Day Ford)

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