The Best Used Fords on the Market

If you’re looking to save a few dollars, buying a used car is an ideal alternative to buying brand new. Only problem is that you’re risking buying a car that might break down within a few months of you owning it. Best way to avoid this is to research what cars you’re interested in buying. Talking to a specialist such as one from Henry Day Ford in West Valley City, Utah might also help you understand what you’re buying options are.

Fortunately, Ford vehicles have some of the longest lifespans for a car. So if you’re looking to buy a used Ford that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the Utah highway, here are some of our picks.

Ford Flex

The Ford Flex is ideal for the large family or group of friends who are always planning their Utah weekend getaway. It’s an incredibly spacious car that’s styled like a futuristic SUV, but it drives more like a speedy sedan. Best part about it is that its reliability ratings are high, meaning you’ll be getting plenty of bang for your buck.

Ford Focus

The focus is designed to be a car that makes monotonous, everyday driving fun. It handles better than any other car in its class, and its reliable engine and suspension make it an enviable used buy. Best part is that Focus models older than five years run for about less than $10,000.

Ford F150

No question: the F150 is the most reliable truck there is. That’s why it’s been America’s #1 selling vehicle for more than 30 years. Great news about the F150 is that since its been around for so long, there are plenty of inexpensive choices. You can go for an older F150 from the 70’s and save thousands of dollars, or you could spend a little more cash for a little less miles and something from the 2000’s. Either way, you’re getting a great deal because you’re getting a Ford.

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