The Best Ford’s With EcoBoost

It’s the age old question for the automotive industry: How do we make fuel efficient cars that don’t sacrifice power?

Car companies have been trying to answer it for decades, but Ford has come up with the answer — EcoBoost. EcoBoost uses turbocharge and direct fuel injections to make an engine that’s incredibly gas efficient and doesn’t sacrifice power. The engine has been a resounding financial success for Ford, and the company’s consistently redefining how powerful and efficient it can be.

Here’s a few of Ford’s leading cars that have EcoBoost.

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus is an excellent car when it comes to racing, and it’s one of the flagship models for rally car drivers. Its turbocharged EcoBoost gives the Focus 252 horsepower. That makes driving the Focus on Utah highways a dream. Its sport suspension also offers some of the best handling in its class. In short, the Focus is unmatched in its class

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a part of the new trend of crossover SUVs that can fit your whole family, but is still sporty looking. For long road trips for a family vacation, EcoBoost comes incredibly handy. You’ll spend less time stopping at gas stations, and more time enjoying your family while driving through scenic Utah.

Ford F150

We saved the best for last. Putting a fuel efficient engine in a truck is usually frowned upon because that means you’re sacrificing the truck’s towing and payload capabilities, which makes it hard to do your job in places like West Valley City, Utah.

The F150 broke the mold by making an EcoBoost engine with the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings out of any light-duty truck, and it can tow up to 8,500 lbs. Putting an EcoBoost engine in the F150 made people skeptic, but the truck is still the best selling vehicle in the United States. Looks like the pundits were wrong.

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