The Best Ford F-150 Accessories for Devouring Snow


Ford pickup trucks are incredible. They really are. Whether you’re working on a farm deep in the heart of rural Utah or simply buzzing around town with your family on a Friday night, there’s no better feeling than that of owning a truck.

Though generally safe for all motorists, when Winter brings with it her usual bout of occasional snowstorms, the safety of Ford trucks — regardless of whether or not it’s a new or used F150 — is compromised. No worries. Here at Henry Day Ford, we’ve got you covered with two of the best suggestions for overcoming Winter’s fury.

When looking for an additional safety measure to more fully protect both your family and truck during the colder months here in Utah, tire chains should be given serious consideration. Fitted to the tires of the vehicle, snow chains allow for maximum traction on slippery ice and snow. The end result? Control, even during the harshest of blizzards.

Furthermore, the use of a mounted snowplow will not only help with individual safety, but will also provide a useful service for other motorists hoping to travel with peace of mind. That being said, make certain to take the necessary time to learn how to both mount and use your personal snowplow before taking to your community’s roads.

Though Winter is currently on it’s way out, come next year, you’ll be glad you made a couple of investments to better take advantage of your Ford F150.

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