The Best Car for Road Trips

The first thing to understand is this—there are many ways to road trip. From driving point to point and staying in a hotel, to doing some good ole car camping, much of your decision will be based off your desire for comfort, sense of adventure and the car you drive.

For some, taking a road trip is a lifelong dream. For others, it’s a way of life. For those of you that fit into the latter category, you’ll probably want to choose your car based off the type of road tripping you most enjoy. If you live near the West Valley City, Utah area, there’s a good chance you seek the wind in your hair freedom the Ford Mustang offers or the adventurous toughness the Ford Explorer provides.

Open Road

There’s nothing you love more than being on the open road with nothing but miles and miles of unadulterated asphalt in front of you. All of us here at Henry Day Ford know that it’s not the creature comforts of a minivan you’re looking for, it’s the ground gripping power and precision of the Ford Mustang. With the convertible option, you have the ability to feel as free as a bird on your solo trips. When it comes to family time, there’s seating for four and a good size trunk for storage.

Adventure Driven

Taking a road trip isn’t always just about hitting the road. Sometimes it’s about looking for adventure, exploring a new area and even getting lost for a little bit. If that sounds right up your alley, the Ford Explorer is the perfect road trip vehicle for you. With its four-wheel drive capability and high ground clearance, it’ll take you anywhere you want to go. Its large cargo area invites you to bring all the gear you think you might need or even lay down the seats and make a comfy bed. This vehicle was meant to take the path less traveled.

Whatever your preferred method of road tripping is, we here at Henry Day Ford will find the perfect vehicle for all your needs.


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