The Beautiful Ford Focus

I have always had a secret crush on the Ford Focus. Ever since it’s debut in Europe in 1998 I have always wanted to be able to drive one, and the past few days I have, and I have not been disappointed.

The car I was given to use for a few days was a Black 2013 model with the Appearance package, and of course it has a manual transmission 🙂 Manual transmissions always make me happy. The Focus has a 2.0 engine, 17″ black machined alloy wheels, and as you can see from my pictures it looks aggressive and stunning.

After driving the very fuel efficient Ford C-Max I did wonder how the Ford Focus would compare the the 48 mpg I was getting in the C-Max, and once again the Focus did not leave me disappointed, returning an average of 33 mpg over 120 miles with mixed highway (with traffic) and city driving. This is far better than I expected after seeing the window sticker that shows 26 mpg city and 36 highway. I guess small cars with smaller engines really can be very efficient.

As far as performance goes, the Focus compares well compared to its competition, but its not going to set any record books alight, but then that’s why you buy the ST model right?! And as for the handling, it’s just what I was expecting, solid in the corners, little body roll considering this car does not have sport suspension, and great braking performance.

Would I buy one? Yes I would. It’s a very comfortable, well rounded, good performing, small yet spacious car with great features including the Microsoft SYNC system. If your considering a new car I recommend getting down to Henry Day Ford and arranging a test drive.

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