The 5 Best Car-Buying Resources in Utah

Whether you’re looking to buy a new truck in West Valley City, Utah or a compact car to fit into those tight parking spots in Salt Lake City, you want to make sure you’ve done all your research before you make the purchase. What are the best resources for savvy car shoppers in Utah?


One of the best Utah-specific resources for car research is KSL. Checking the KSL classifieds gives you plenty of information on what the market looks like for different vehicles in your area. For instance, the market for a new Ford F150 may be better than the market for a new Ford Focus RS, as Utah drivers generally tend to lean toward the bigger trucks.

The KSL online classifieds allow users to narrow their search based on make, model, year, price, number of miles, new or used and other factors, so finding the perfect match for you is as easy as apple pie.

Car Dealerships

Another way to get a better look at local pricing is to check out the websites of local car dealerships. Take a look at both bigger, manufacturer-specific dealerships and small-time dealerships to get an idea of the average price points and availability of different vehicles. This can give you an advantage later on in the car-buying process, when you’re haggling with a sales representative.


A national service, Edmunds can give you a clear idea of exactly how much you should be paying for that new Ford F150 in your area — and can direct you to local listings for the vehicle of your choice. Edmunds helps you compare prices between new and used cars, cars sold privately versus cars sold through a dealership, dealership rankings and much more. The company also offers a handy loan calculator and its signature True Cost to Own reviews.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book, a national, automotive industry-recognized service, provides prospective car buyers with all the information they could ever want on a car: from the make and model down to gas mileage, safety ratings, trim information and recall notices. Kelley Blue Book is also useful for trade-ins: You can determine the exact value of your old Ford F150 before you even step into the dealership, ensuring you get the best value for your vehicle. With a wealth of consumer reviews, automotive expert appraisals and top 10 lists, you can get the low-down on any vehicle you might be considering.

Consumer Reports

Another longstanding name in product reviews, Consumer Reports is a great resource for first-time car buyers. With a comprehensive owner’s manual for new and used car shopping, Consumer Reports gives prospective car-buyers the lowdown on everything from a specific model year to a certain kind of tires. With road tests, owner satisfaction ratings and more, Consumer Reports gives you a valuable second or third opinion on that 2016 Ford F150 you were considering.

There are a number of other resources available to car-buyers in Utah, such as local Craigslist ads, The Wall Street Journal and even Reddit’s Personal Finance subreddit, but these are the big five. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new Ford Focus or a used F150, you can’t go wrong with these top-notch car-buying resources.

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