The 2014 Ford F-150: a Mom’s Best Back-To-School Vehicle

We at Henry Day Ford understand that there are many differences between men and women and believe that the Ford F150, generally targeted at male consumers, appeals to both sexes. While many women enjoy successful careers working in difficult leadership positions in many of America’s most competitive industries, the traditional stay-at-home mother — spending much of her time with pesky, inexhaustible children — finds a calm, trusty friend in the 2014 Ford F150.

From Utah to New York, long gone are the days when minivans fill the majority of parking spaces at elementary schools. Just as the roles which women occupy in society are changing with time, so too are the automotive needs of mothers.

Take for example the spacious interior of this year’s edition of the F150. The interior cabin of the high-performance pickup comes with 41 inches of headroom in the front and back seats, providing both mother and child with ample room to ride comfortably. Additionally, shoulders, hips and car seats fit easily inside the main riding compartment with over 60 inches of surrounding space. Concerned mothers from Utah need not worry. Ford has their best interest at heart.

Speaking of the importance of mothers, it was Milton Berle who asked, “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” Needless to say, the automotive experts at Ford have always made considering the needs of mothers a top priority when designing and creating the F150.

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