US Auto Consumer Satisfaction at Its Lowest Point In 11 Years

Be it here in Utah or elsewhere, whenever hard-earned money is exchanged for a good, it’s hoped that any and all expectations be met, if not exceeded. From electronics and college tuition to high-speed performance boats and houses, the ways in which consumers can spend their cash are innumerable. Furthermore, as far as our line[…]

The Ford Motor Company: Automotive Manufacturing Efficiency at Its Finest

It was Henry Ford who once famously said, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” He was right. With groundbreaking automotive ingenuity pumping out creations like the F150, Mustang, Focus and Explorer, it’s no wonder that the Ford Motor Company has seen incredible success since it’s initial founding way back in 1903[…]

The Importance of Being ‘American-Made’ In Today’s Day and Age

  Globalization is the process by which philosophies, technologies and businesses spread throughout the world. While the process does a great deal in uniting international cultures, unfortunately, the booming phenomena has had a negative impact on America’s job market. The Ford Motor Company, however, has taken a different stance on the issue as far as[…]