Ford Leads the Way With Innovative Self-Driving Features

A glimpse into the future of driving can be found at your Ford dealers in West Valley City, Utah. One of the most intriguing and exciting innovations in the works in the automotive industry is the technology of self-driving cars. Ford has already been heavily involved in working to develop and integrate this technology along[…]

Everything We Know About the New Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger

For decades, the Ford Bronco and Ranger used to thunder off the Detroit assembly line and onto the highways and dirt roads all across West Valley City, Utah. But after a combined 24 years of production silence, the two Bronco and Ranger were announced to be going back into production and sold at Ford dealers[…]

Ford Offers New Performance Packages for Ford Mustang

There’s fast, and then there’s Ford Performance fast. Cars like the Ford Focus and Ford F150 are synonymous with cars that get the job done and are also fun to drive, but sometimes standard speeds aren’t enough for Ford motor enthusiasts. So, the car company decided to up the ante by offering power packages for[…]