Ford to Add 13 New Hybrid or Electric Cars by 2020

In a recent press conference, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced a plan to add 13 new electric or hybrid vehicles to Ford’s lineup by 2020, spending $4.5 billion in the largest electrified vehicle investment in a five-year-period in the company’s history. While 13 percent of the current Ford lineup available at nationwide dealers is composed[…]

Ford Maintains Quality While Reducing Environmental Impact

Cars are necessary for day to day life. Unless public transportation is an option, it’s the only way to get from point A to point B. However, these cars can also cause a great deal of environmental harm. For that very reason, Ford dealers in Utah and across the country are working to decrease their[…]

Why Ford’s ‘Blue Oval’ Couldn’t Be More Green

With slogans like “Go Further,” “Drive One” and “Built Ford Tough,” it’s easy to see why the Ford Motor Company and her many automotive creations have made their respective ways into the hearts and minds of the American people. Furthermore, in the ways of mass advertising, Ford has gained quite a bit of support for[…]