Sorry, the Ford F-150-Based Bronco Isn’t an Actual Vehicle


Even here in Utah, we can tell when the Internet’s greatest hoax artists are up to no good. Just in case you’ve been duped, we’re sad to inform you that the images of the Ford F150-based Bronco that have been gaining traction on the World Wide Web are nothing more than a past April Fool’s Day joke that continues to gain popularity as the holiday draws near.

Though the Ford is certainly known for its groundbreaking ingenuity—take this year’s F150 with an all-aluminum body, for example—the company has yet to have announced a formal meshing of the two popular vehicles. While the concept car is most certainly nothing short of a splendid idea for Ford enthusiasts from Utah to New York, meaningful automotive advice is best pursued through reputable automotive sites.

The digital dupe traces its origins back to FourWheeler magazine which announced on April Fool’s Day in 2014 that Ford would be releasing the vehicle pictured above as the 2016 Ford Bronco. As is the case with most things online, the article spread like wildfire.

Says of the site’s reaction, “The piece was fun and the picture that the magazine painted was a pretty one, but even after they changed the beginning of the online article to explain that it was nothing but an April Fool’s Day joke, people kept on believing that it was real.” Honestly, for now, it’d be best to stick with the staples of Ford’s manufacturing line, namely, the new and improved F150.

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