Snow Tires Are Your Best Option

Before we know it, all the leaves are going to be on the ground and the branches are going to be covered in snow. You may ask yourself if you really need snow tires. When you are in West Valley City, Utah, preparing to ski the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” you want to be safe as you drive through that ice and frost that accompany it.

All Season Tires

 All season tires are ready for both summer and winter conditions. Whether you are driving a Ford F150 truck or a small Ford Focus, all season tires are in high demand — especially around Utah. All season tires offer adaptable performance in a variety of conditions. They can be put on any car from a Ford Fusion to a Ford Edge and can be driven in summer and winter tires.

While all season tires have the best capabilities of both summer and winter tires, unfortunately they don’t have the maximum winter performance capabilities. While all season tires are decent during all seasons, it is better to have the best tires for the climate you live in.

Winter and Snow Tires

 If you live in a colder climate, you know having the right types of clothes are important. Like you need boots and coats for winter, your car needs snow tires. Having the right tire matters for your safety. Snow tires have tread rubber. This means during the cold temperatures, the rubber stays flexible, allowing the tire to grip the road even better.

Winter tires will have deeper tread patterns in them. You will be grateful for this on the super snowy days. The deeper treads will cut down snow build up on the tires to provide better traction. The deeper tread patterns help get rid of snow and slush.

There are tiny little slits along the tread of the tire. These are called biting edges. The biting edges will help increase traction on the ice.


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