Smart Cars – Super Duty Style

The last ten years have been absolute mayhem in the car industry. Technology is advancing at rates that are difficult and expensive to keep up with, and car companies that fail to do so are quickly being left in the dust. Trucks, then, had to do the same.

Now, it seems to me that there would be a right way and a wrong way to do this, keeping in mind that the majority of trucks, especially high-power trucks, are used by people who need the functionality of a truck. They own their truck not because they want to look awesome or to go fast, but because their work or life demands that they be able to tow and haul materials, people, and toys, and that they have the power and pure functionality to get the job done. Adding fun tech and luxury interiors to a truck for the sake of newness and novelty, then, can’t be the answer. If that is how it’s done, the tech will go unused, covered in dirt while folks move on with their lives.

But then there’s technology and advancement the way Ford chose to do it, as something meant to enhance your truck’s functionality and work within the realms of your demanding job or life. Ford has advanced the Super Duty in the perfect way.

For starters, the interior surfaces are as tough as ever. The materials used, including the black plastic and woodgrain trim, are high-quality and durable. They can be covered in mud, snow, and whatever else and look just as slick after a good wash. Instead of being hidden or disguised, the Super Duty’s utility switches are highlighted in the new interior, making them easily accessible, even for dirty or covered hands. My F-350’s 8-inch LCD screen is even made specifically to work with glove-covered hands, so you don’t have to stop working when you step into the truck.


On a deeper level, the truck’s technology has been updated specifically for truck needs. The driver’s 4.2 inch LCD has a suite of Truck Apps, which offer a variety of visuals to help with towing, off-roading, and traction control. These displays are easily accessible and extremely understandable, even offering long-form explanations of the truck’s most advanced capabilities. I, for example, just learned what a locking rear differential is, when to use it, and how to engage it. Just be flipping through the displays. By building this functionality into the truck’s tech, Ford is further enhancing your truck-owning experience by allowing you to use your Super Duty to its highest potential.

IMG_1054 IMG_1058

In an age of never-ending technological changes, it’s safe to say that Ford did it right.

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