Small Budget? Buy Used.

You’ve made a budget for buying your new car, and you have to admit it isn’t a big one. Even though local Ford dealers offer great pricing plans, you’d rather not deal with financing — but what options does that leave you? Well, it’s time to buy a cheaper car.

Used Is Far From Useless

With a small budget, you most likely won’t be hopping around Ford dealers test-driving brand-new cars to drive off the lot. A used car is more in your price range, and that can be a very good thing. Edmunds reports that most cars lose 11 percent of their value the second you drive them off the lot. So in five years the average car is worth about 40 percent of what you paid for it.

Hindsight is another benefit of buying a used car. You can look up consumer reports and reviews of potential purchases; you can see whether a car lived up to the hype. You can even compare vehicle performance in different climates, like the dry desert in Utah versus humid areas on the East Coast. You’ll probably want to see how the car handled the Utah winters as well.

Where to Find a Used Car

Most Ford dealers also offer pre-owned cars that have been certified for quality and safety. You can still hop over to your local dealership in West Valley City, Utah and shop on a lot with help from a salesperson — all the while having confidence that the used car you are buying is safe and in good condition.

Newspaper classified ads and online services like Craigslist are also great places to look for deals on used cars. Be sure to ask the owners why they are selling the car and have it looked over by a mechanic before purchasing. Find out the car’s history and how well the current owner has serviced the vehicle. Look up the Kelly Blue Book value — and don’t be afraid to haggle for a bargain.

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