Should your kid get a graduation car?


So your teenager is about to head off to college somewhere in Utah.  You feel like you should reward his hard work in high school by getting him a new car, one that will both meet his needs and keep him safe from grievous accidents.  What kind of car does he deserve?  How has his behavior in high school influenced the kind of car he should get?  Should you even get him one at all?  There are several options at your Local Ford dealership, all affordable and stylish, but we will assume that your child is a speed demon that enjoyed toting people around.  In this case, the Ford Escape is the best option.


The Ford Escape is a good choice because it is roomy.  Your child will be able to pack all of their stuff in there and haul it to their first college dorm without losing view in the rear-view mirror.  They will be able to cart their friends around to any venue (provided they pay for gas) and even go camping in the small SUV.  Utah has ample places to go for recreation, and the Escape can get to any of those places.


Another factor is that the Escape is affordable.  It has a starting price of around $22,000, a good price for a small SUV, and gets excellent gas mileage.  That way, if you decide to lease the vehicle, the total amount in payments and gasoline will be significantly less than other cars.


But your child is a speed demon.  They tend to hit the gas on any car they drive, along with blasting “pump music” to get themselves excited for football games.  There is no reason to fear with the Ford Escape, for it comes with some special features that can regulate such dangerous behavior.  With the MyKey option, you as the owner can regulate how fast the car is able to go, and how loud the music can be turned up.  It can even be programmed to turn the “low fuel” light on sooner, keeping your child from living too far “on the edge” when waiting until the last minute to fill up.


Overall, the Ford Escape gained some of the highest safety ratings of any small SUV on the market.  If you fear for your child’s life on the road in Utah, it may be best to consider the Escape and all of the safety features it has to offer.  After all, how many cars have a knee airbag?


Jorge Presbury is a writer for Fusion 360 Agency.  He writes digital content for several clients, including Henry Day Ford.

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