Review: The Most Luxurious Truck Ever

After three months of doing this, I’m finally starting to double up on cars. I still haven’t driven quite a few of the cars in Ford’s lineup, but the ping pong debacle required a repeat in this circumstance.

My first F-150 experience was over two months ago. Since then, I’ve driven a lot of extremely nice, exciting cars. My expectations, after being repeatedly exceeded, have raised significantly, and my comfort level with these cars, especially MyFord Touch, has increased dramatically. The shock factor of switching from my beige 2001 mid-sized sedan to the amazing, brand new Fords, while still pretty intense, isn’t quite what it was when I started this whole experiment. A lot has changed over this short period, but one thing hasn’t: I’m still absolutely blown away by the fit and finish of this truck.

I am not kidding when I say this F-150 Platinum might have the softest leather of any car I’ve ever sat in. Ever. The seats are so comfortable I could die, pulling you in to their lush leather-covered cushions with just the right amount of lumbar support. They heat you when you’re cold, and they cool you when you’re hot. Road trips will be changed forever, if you know what I mean.

The interior is paneled with a combination of wrapped leather and wood grain accents that, if you just added some heavy cigar smoke and light Kenny G in the background, would feel like you had just set foot in the classiest man-lounge of all time. The ride is oh so soft, even at freeway speeds on Utah’s ridiculous pavement. And the quiet is almost eery (I didn’t quite realize this one until I got back in my beige beast and the freeway sounded like the deck of an aircraft carrier).

I won’t even speak to the automatically extending running boards. But seriously…

Trucks aren’t what they used to be, and this F-150 is proof. Ford has set the bar incredibly high.

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