Review: Fiesta by Female

I had the pleasure of test driving the new Ford Fiesta yesterday, from the Henry Day Ford dealership in West Valley City all the way to my office in Holiday.  I’d give the overall experience a thumbs up, but let me be frank.  I had my doubts.  Let’s start with my first impression of the vehicle.  It is compact, to say the least.  A tiny, little, ladybug.  This could be a good thing when it comes to parking, weaving in and out of traffic, and the lighter weight of the frame obviously entails better gas mileage.  However, there is something lacking in the “beastly” department.  You don’t feel quite as dominant behind the wheel as you would, say, a big, black, F350.  Having said that, this little package of dynamite rather surprised me.

I totally loved the steering control.  That’s a horrible term to use, but I don’t know any of the long, technical words.  As soon as I pulled out of the Henry Day Ford parking lot and onto the busy streets of West Valley City, I took charge of that mini monster and hit the asphalt roaring.  There’s a precision to the sensitivity of the steering wheel that might be common in all newer vehicles, I’m not sure, but I certainly enjoyed it.  Even swiveling in the slightest degree and the wheels would follow suit.  It gives you the absolute satisfaction of a powerful pilot, navigating their way effortlessly through the teeming Utah traffic.

Another delightful shock came from the little boost every time my foot gunned the gas pedal.  The Ford Fiesta is no Ferrari, but it has got enough spunk inside the deceiving shell to propel your forward at impressive speeds.  To the average, speed-limit-abiding citizen, this might seem inconsequential.  For me, however, speed is a definite must.  Not to say I drive carelessly above the law, but I enjoy accelerating up to the designated speed limit…rapidly!  At one point during my drive, I got stuck behind a large, dump truck.  It was holding up traffic, so I elegantly pivoted around the stalled traffic jam and careened onwards towards my destination.  There was no glitch in the gears shifting, no delayed response.  My head might not have flown backwards into the headrest, but the engine genuinely deserves an authentic high five.

By the time I coasted into my office parking lot, I was so accustomed to the feel of stiff leather, the smell of new car, and had fidgeted with all the radio stations to preset all my favorite channels, I discovered with some astonishment that I’d developed a slight bond with the dainty machine.  More than a bond, a respect.  I could easily see myself growing comfortable behind the dash of the Ford Fiesta.  There’s nothing to lose.  It has a great, affordable price.  The fuel efficiency is incomparable.  Last, but certainly not least, it encouraged some inspired swag.

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