Regular or Premium Gas?

You’ve probably heard of many different myths when it comes to what type of gas you should be using. Some say premium gas makes your car run better, while others say that regular gas can cause damage to your engine. It can get complicated, but we are here to help any confusion you might have about what type of fuel you should be using in your Ford Fusion.


Gasoline is rated by octane and generally regular fuel is 87 octane, premium is 91 or 93 and midgrade is somewhere in the middle of those. Octane measures the gasoline’s resistance to preignition. The higher the octane, the less likely it is to detonate. An interesting fact is that high-octane gasoline has the same energy content as low-octane gasoline. 

When to Use Premium Fuel

If you see that the manual or the label by the gas tank on your Ford Fusion calls for 91 or 93 octane, then you should always fill up with that level. 

When to Use Regular Fuel

If your Ford Fusion is designed for regular 87-octane gas, then you’re set. You can buy the cheap fuel without a worry. To everyone’s surprise, premium gas won’t actually make the engine run better or produce more power. The only person who benefits from buying premium fuel when you can use regular fuel is the gas station owner and the oil companies. 

Save some money and buy regular when you can. It is important to know that if your Ford says, “premium fuel recommended,” you have a choice between regular or premium. With this, these engines usually develop more power and get better fuel economy on higher-octane fuel. The different isn’t anything major but there is a difference. 

If you have any further questions regarding what gas is best for your Ford Fusion, visit your local Ford dealer in West Valley City, Utah⎯ we have the answers you need. 

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