Pull Up to Campus in a New Ford

With college semesters starting toward the end of the month, it’s time for students and their families to think about everything it’s going to take to help move back to campus to start the fall semester. 

Adding a trip to the local Ford dealer to your to do list will sure be more exciting than buying new bedding. Regardless of where you go to college, whether you’re as far away as Harvard University or as close to home as the University of Utah right here in Salt Lake City, pulling up to campus in a new Ford will make you feel like the coolest kid on campus (even if you’re just a freshman).

In addition to the excitement of pulling up to campus in a new car, there are a number of reasons why having a car on campus can be helpful and add to your college experience. From never being late to class—even on a rainy day—to being able to visit home whenever you need, a new Ford Fusion can be a lifesaver for any college student. 

Getting to Class In a Hurry

 College is hard, but it can be a lot harder when you have class at 8 a.m. across campus. Even if you oversleep, you can get to class on time with the help of your speedy Ford Fusion. Just remember to drive safe.

Exploring a New City

If your college is far from home, having a car can help you get to know your new city. Whether you want to check out a good restaurant, see the nightlife, visit a cool museum, watch a sports game and do even more—it helps to be able to drive your own car. Having an awesome, new car could really open a world of possibilities in your new city.

In addition to helping get places you need, when you need, having a new car is a nice way to make yourself feel like the independent adult you are, even at school.

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