Popular Fords Vehicles Around the World

Citizens of West Valley City, Utah and other places in the United States are known for wanting everything as big as possible. In Europe and other places around the world, Ford dealers have greater success selling smaller cars. From the size of the washing machines to the size of the trucks, Europeans are shocked by many things when they visit the States for the first time. Ford offers a wide variety of vehicles so that no matter where in the world people are, they can always find the Ford vehicle that is best for them.

Ford Falcon

Ford dealers in Australia have great success selling the Ford Falcon — and it is the most popular car in the country. Over three million Falcons have been sold in Australia alone. The Ford Falcon dates back to the 1930s, but has changed a lot over the years.

Ford F-Series

In Utah and the rest of the United States, the Ford F-Series is the most popular vehicle in the country. According to the Auto Express Magazine, it has been the number-one selling vehicle in the United Sates for over 30 years now. Americans truly love their Ford trucks. Here in Utah at Henry Day Ford we pride ourselves on having a vast selection of F-Series trucks.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is leading Ford’s “One Ford” strategy to increase its market share across the world. The Fusion does very well in countries that lean toward smaller vehicles, making the Ford Fusion a great choice for navigating the narrow roads of Europe and Asia.

People in different parts of the world prefer different types of vehicles to help them accomplish everything they set out to do on a daily basis. With all the differences in the world today, the one constant among people no matter where they live is their Ford vehicle they bought from their local Ford dealers.

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